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phone camera gimbal stabilizer

    2.custom logo
    3.variety color

     Moq:10 pieces
    Price:54 usd/pcs


First, the application APP (iOS / ANDROID)
1, active tracking, including face tracking and object tracking
2, display follow function: operating mode
3, support white balance, time-lapse shooting, slow motion, camera grid
4. One-click sharing: Instantly share your videos/photos on social media, such as Facebook, YouTube.

Second, the characteristics:
1. The stabilizer has 3 different modes: full follow mode, half follow mode, full lock mode
2, handle manual zoom control
3, use 44000mAH power supply, can run for 12 hours for the longest; built-in USB interface, you can directly charge your mobile phone or sports camera
4. When the power supply is low, the stabilizer can also be charged.
5, 90 ° moving clamp is convenient to switch the vertical mode
6, compatible with GOPro Hero 5 / Hero 4 and 3, YI camera and similar size action camera
7. One-step balance: Design a unique adjustment arm that does not require an additional counterweight.
8, directly return to the rear camera (Selfe Posits) function: double-click the mode button to bring the lens to the original position
9, fast manual shift: moving from the initial position to the subsequent position by hand
10. Customizable joystick: Allows the joystick to work the way you want in any mode of operation
11, 1/4 threaded screws can be installed almost anywhere