how we name the wireless charger ?


  For the wireless charger is use for charging mobile but not use a cord connected the with phone it's widely use in todays phone charging.

  our topical is how we named wireless charger ,this article will discuss it.

  wireless charger made of different material,so most changer named by material.some of charger are made of wood or bamboo ,so we call bamboo wireless charger ,some are made of silicon or aluminium alloy.but most is made of ABS.

  a part of charger is named by it's using scene.for example ,some charger is use in office ,we say it office charger ,some use in home or hotel ,we call home charger,some of it for trip ,we call it travel charger.


  but most charger named it base on it's the developing of economical ,most chargers is mul-tifunctional ,so they not only charging phone ,but also charging for watch and earbuds ,this charger we call 3 in 1 wireless charger ,some chargers may have light or speaker function,so we called 4 in 1 or 5 in 1 charger ,this multi-function charger is very popular in young generation.because it's only one device can satified all there electronicals charging requrements ,also no need serval cables ,so it will make their desk clean and simply.

  certainly ,some charger are named by it's structle ,like desk charger ,and so on.

  so no matter how will call them ,wireless charger will play an important role in our daily life,it make our life more simple and meaningful.